San Benito mayor on the hot seat over taxes

San Benito Mayor Joe Hernandez

The San Benito City Commission is holding a special meeting where some are expected to call for the mayor to step down.

A notice on the door of city hall calls for, Consideration and action to declare the mayor's seat vacant pursuant to San Benito City Charter.

Commissions will hold a special session Tuesday night where they will decide the political fate of Mayor Joe Hernandez.

Action 4 News learned that Hernandez is accused of owing thousands of dollars in taxes to the city.

Action 4 News spoke over Commissioner Celeste Sanchez who said the commission want to hear both sides of the story.

The special executive meeting will be held at the San Benito Municipal Building at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday.

It will not be open to the public but the decision will be announced during the commission TMs regular meeting.

Mayor Hernandez told Action 4 News that he was advised not to comment on the situation.