San Juan citizens push to recall city commissioners

This is the second time citizens of San Juan have tried to recall city commissioners.

But this time around those citizens, trying to kick out the city leaders, could face jail time.

During a special meeting Tuesday night citizens presented over 1400 signatures on a petition recalling the commissioners.

The problem"most of those signatures are not valid.

In order for your name to be counted on a petition you must meet certain requirements"one of those is to be a registered voter.

What San Juan city officials found is that over 400 of those listed on the petition were not even registered to vote. They also found out that some people signed the petition under false pretenses. We spoke to Bradford Bullock the attorney working on this case for the City of San Juan.

He said over 20 people signed affidavits that said they signed the petition thinking it was to bring another restaurant to San Juan and not to recall the city commissioners. Bullock said it cost San Juan tens of thousands of dollars the first time they had to fight this recall and it could cost them that or more if they have to defend this again in court. The case has already been turned over to San Juan Police.