Santa Rosa shocking allegations of alleged harassment

In the small town of Santa Rosa shocking allegations of alleged harassment by some Aldermen towards City Police Officers.

Action 4 news first obtained exclusive video, alleging exposing some City Aldermen abusing their power by interfering with Police Officers duties.

Then an audio tape from an open meeting last month where an Alderman is telling Santa Rosa police Chief Xavier Martinez we don't have to answer to you.

With the allegations on the table Alderman and City Attorney for Santa Rosa Gilberto Hinojosa met behind closed doors to discuss disciplinary rules of professional conduct.

Hinojosa tells Action 4 News the discussion is to advise Aldermen of legal issues.

Hinojosa says, "Well things that have been in the news lately with respect to some of the allegations that have been made with respect to some of the alderman and the police department."

One of the alleged Aldermen in question, Oscar Ovalle, we confronted Ovalle at Tuesday nights meeting.Ovalle says, "All of the questions need to be referred to our city attorney and or Mayor ."

So what happens next?

City Attorney Hinojosa says city business will continue as usual.

Hinojosa says, "I don't think there's anything really that need to be done besides try to move forward and try to ensure that the citizens of Santa Rosa receive the best possible representation by the board of alderman and police department"

The city attorney also tells us to his knowledge no official formal complaints have been filed in regards to the alleged harassment issue.

Of course will keep you posted