Sister of murder victim takes the stand during Villalobos trial

Center: Armando Villalobos

Today was day ten in the Armando Villalobos cash for court favors" trial.

Several witnesses took the stand supporting Villalobos.

Villalobos was on the stand for most of the day where he held his ground by giving detailed explanations on how questionable cases and money transactions were handled.

On two huge money seizure cases, Villalobos admitted that there were flaws in procedures and documents dealing with cases known as money truck and money house.

He denied ever benefiting from these cases.

He said his office did receive nearly $1.3 million a result of the seizure.

Regarding Amit Livingston, Villalobos said he only agreed to a 23 year sentence because of concerns he had over evidence, and he did not know Limas would let him go after convicting him.

He said he did not know former judge Abel Limas would let Livingston go after the conviction.

After a short but punchy cross-examination, prosecutor Wynne brought up one rebuttal witness, the sister of Hermila Hernandez who was the murder victim in the Livingston case.

The sister of Hernandez disputed Villalbos TM testimony and noted that communication with the DA TMs office was difficult.

At one point, the prosecution tried to impeach Villalobos arguing he was lying about his good faith as DA, when he previously used the office to request Limas TM phone records after the former judge was indicted.

So far, all the people implicated in this cash for court favors scheme have plead guilty or have been found guilty by a jury.

Villalobos TM fate may be known as soon as tomorrow.