Small group of dreamer applications approved

For some immigrants, or dreamers it's been less than several months that they've applied for deferred action; and this week a small group of people will be notified their approved.

John Michael Torres an activist for LUPE was shocked to find out it happened very quickly.

John Michael Torres said it was an estimated six months before even being considered for deferred action.

Then after approved, students would be called to take their fingerprints.

"Well here in the border it TMs particularly inspirational news we are in an area with the border patrol and youth do risk being deported and so this new news that there is already a group of students there are going to be protected from deportation so it TMs definitely good news for youth in the Valley," said John Michael Torres

Torres said we've seen over 2,000 youth inquire about differed action and they have started over 500 cases within their 5 offices.

Even though only 1 person has called his office inquiring about the recent new.

"Once the news spreads I am sure we are going to get a lot of calls of people excited about it," added John Michael Torres

For the students of the valley he said, this is a good thing.

Students will actually be able to pursue their life without living in fear.

"This is actually becoming an impulse for our youth to continue their education and go back to school," said John Michael Torres According to the Department of Homeland Security there are about 72,000 applications that have been received since the program started on August 15th.