Special Red Mass In Honor of Judicial Community

A special Red Mass was held Wednesday night in honor of our local judges, attorneys and elected officials.

The special celebration was held inside the Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Brownsville.

Federal and District Court Judges entered the cathedral dressed in their black robes.

Judge David Sanchez says, "We need God's blessing to do the best job we can on the bench."

Presiding over the mass was Daniel E. Flores, Bishop of Brownsville.

The Red Mass tradition dates back to the 18th century in Europe.

So why the color Red?

Cameron County District Clerk Aurora De La Garza tells Action 4 News, "Back in Europe, the children would go outside the church and would see the priests would be wearing red. So the children started calling it the Red Mass and it's just stayed like that, and that's what we call it."

The Red Mass is celebrated throughout the United States.

Here in the Rio Grande Valley, the tradition has been on going for 17 years.

It's a mass those in the legal community look forward to.

Judge Sanchez says, "It's a time to get close to God and to give me the wisdom and fortitude I need to deal with the difficult cases that come before me throughout the year, and also help me realize that sitting up on the bench it's not just me, I've got the Lord looking over me and hopefully his blessings to make sure I do the right job to all those that come before me."

The Red Mass rotates annually between Hidalgo and Cameron counties.