Teachers' unions eyeing elections to get education funding back

Though the legislative session has long been over, for educators, the battle to keep school funding is still underway.

This weekend, more than 4500 people met up in Austin, including many from the Valley.

JJ Luna with the La Joya Federation of Teachers was among those rallying.

"We had parents and teachers and concerned citizens," he said.

Luna represents more than two thousand teachers in the La Joya area.

The group demanded that the Texas Legislature restore nearly $5 billion cut to education in 2011.

"We'll remember those folks who did not support public education last time," he added.

In addition to rallies, groups like the La Joya and the McAllen Federation of Teachers are coordinating voting initiatives to get educators to the polls.

"We need people in Austin that consider public education a priority, Ruth Skow said. Right now I do not feel that public education is a priority."

Skow represents nearly 1600 teachers in McAllen.

She said many of the Valley legislators have done a good job.

But she adds that teachers cannot bear any more cuts.

"The teachers want the children to have the best, but resources have been slim this year," she argued.

Skow cited the STAAR test as a good example.

Many Valley students are currently taking the test, which is tougher than the TAKKS.

Teachers must prepare them using fewer resources.

"We'll you're going to have to choose, she said. Those who need extra help, it TMs going to be a big challenge to provide that extra help."

Both Skow and Luna hope educators get some extra help from legislators.

If not, they expect many changes come election day on May 29.