Texas Attorney General says he's ready for post-legislature lawsuits

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott told Action 4 News that he's ready for several legal challenges once the Texas Legislature ends its special session.

Abbott spoke at a special luncheon at Mission's Cimmarron Country Club early Friday afternoon.

The attorney general presented Texas State Rep. Aaron Pea (R-Edinburg) with the Champion of Freedom Award.

Both Abbott and Pea spoke to Action 4 News about controversial topics before the Texas Legislature, which recently entered a special session.

The two spoke about their support for the controversial "sanctuary cities" bill, which would allow law enforcement agencies to ask anyone they stop about their citizenship.

Pea told Action 4 News that the current redistricting map before the legislature only leave the Rio Grande Valley with three congressional seats instead of four has many had hoped.

Abbott said his office is expecting a legal fight for the "sanctuary cities" bill and that there are already lawsuits filed against redistricting map.

He said his office will defend both the redistricting map and sanctuary cities bill.