Texas Governor's race heats up

Who will be the next Governor of Texas?

Voters will make that decision come November, but the political fight for the seat is heating up.

Action 4 News caught up with Democratic candidate for Governor Bill White as he addressed a crowd of citizens in Hidalgo.

White told the crowd, "I'm here because I'm on a job interview and I want to work for you."

White says Governor Perry has been in office for 9 1/2 years and it's time for change, something the Mayor of Hidalgo says he agrees with.

Mayor John David Franz says, "Many of you may be wondering what is the Mayor of Hidalgo standing up for Bill White when last go around he was taking pictures and working hard for Rick Perry."

Mayor Franz says, When Hidalgo was in jeopardy of losing a 5.8 million dollar federal stimulus grant last year, I wanted to meet with Governor Perry, but it never happened.

Mayor Franz says, There were 5.8 million reasons for me to talk to the Governor for the community of Hidalgo we never got that opportunity."

Bill White says he knows the Rio Grande Valley is one of the fastest growing areas of the state and he wants to make sure this area is taken care of.

Both White and Governor Perry promise to keep border security a top priority but White says Perry is taking advantage.

Action 4 News asks Bill White, "Do you think Governor Rick Perry is using the border as a political platform?"

White responds saying, "Yes because you can tell that because he put on his website statistics we all know are false he says that crimes all along the border have dropped by 65 percent because of his actions all along the border."

With the Governor's election fast approaching both White and Perry have not sat down for a pubic debate.

White says Perry is refusing to do so. White tells Action 4 News, "He refers to do it with arraigned press conferences and then 30 second TV ad rather than having a debate."

Action 4 News tells Bill White, "Governor Rick Perry's camp fired back saying you know what if Bill White can show us tax returns when he was Mayor then we'll debate him what do you say to that?

White responds says, "Well you know I've had more of my tax returns when I've been an elected official live on the internet then he's had when he's an elected official you can't find all of his tax returns since he's been the governor on the internet you can find all of the tax returns I've had as Mayor."