Texas law could keep Danny Castillo from two posts

On Tuesday, former Harlingen Police Chief Danny Castillo told Action 4 News, a job as Santa Rosa's city manager and a political position in Harlingen posed no problem

"I believe there is no conflict there," said Castillo. "One is paid and one is not. They're equally important, and I believe it can be done."

Castillo is running for Harlingen City Commissioner District One.

He is also a candidate for Santa Rosa City Manger, according to the City of Santa Rosa.

The Texas Constitution does not allow someone to hold two paid public offices at the same time.

Castillo said the position of Santa Rosa city manager is paid and Harlingen city commissioner is not.

Research revealed that's not true.

"A Harlingen city commissioner is clearly a public officer and gets paid a set amount of $175 per month, and this amount is not limited to actual expenditures, said Harlingen City Attorney Roxann Cotroneo in an email. The question is whether or not the Santa Rosa city manager is a public officer."

Action 4 News asked Santa Rosa city attorney Gilberto Hinojosa if the spot of city manager is a public office.

He said the position of city manager in Santa Rosa does not even exist.

Hinojosa said the position Castillo is a candidate for is actually "city administrator."

When asked if city administrator is a public office, Hinojosa said he did not know.

Hinojosa said he would not be researching the answer, because it did not matter to the city of Santa Rosa in terms of hiring Castillo.

Hinojosa said the matter is Castillo TMs problem and should only matter to Castillo and the City of Harlingen.