Texas lawmakers push guns on campus

Students in Texas may soon be able to pack their books and pencils beside their guns and ammo before heading to campus.

More than half the members of the Texas house signed on as co-authors of a bill that would allow students and faculty who have a concealed handgun license to carry firearms onto college campuses.

Professors and students are concerned.

"I don't think it's safe and it will promote more violence, said Edna Uribe a student of the University of Texas in Brownsville.

Another student said, I TMm from Canada where guns are not allowed and I like it that way.

Those opposed say it would only increase danger.

"It would create an environment where our students are not safe.

It would create an environment where we are not cultivating learning on campus and that TMs what we need to focus on, said University of Texas Pan American President.

Dr. Robert Nelsen has opposed concealed handguns on campus, saying the mix of students, unstable emotions, guns and campus parties is too dangerous.

"There are unknown consequences if we mix people with guns.

Even though they might get training they are not fully trained to use guns.

The police are the only people who are trained, Dr. Nelsen said.

Since 2007, 23 states have proposed, and eventually rejected similar bills.

But in a matter of time Texas could become the second state, following Utah to pass such a law.