Texas Organization wants to turn State blue

A Texas organization wants to turn the state blue, and they say they are inching their way closer to that goal.

Today, they brought Lieutenant Governor Candidate to the Valley to help them.

It's the first time Linda Chavez-Thompson runs for office, but the Hidalgo County Texas Democratic Women have high hopes for her.

They said she could be key for turning the state blue.

"Que Linda!" is her bumper sticker slogan.

It means how beautiful or how cute, and although she may be small, she has a big voice.

She's banking on the South Texas vote, so that she can win the seat.

She was born in a poor family and started working at the age of 10 picking cotton.

"to feed and help my father support my family," said Chavez-Thompson.

The Hidalgo County Texas Democratic Women said they think Chavez-Thompson is a strong candidate for the Valley.

They said in order to accomplish their goal of turning the state blue, they need her to win the seat.

They said having a democratic governor and democratic attorney general is also crucial.

Leslie Gower, Hidalgo County TDW Treasurer, said they are inching closer toward that goal.

"They're counting on South Texas to increase their turnout by 3 percent, and if we can just do that, that's the margin we need to win," said Gower.

The Valley is largely democrat, and Gower said it's important to get these candidates here to meet the residents.

That way, they can decide for themselves who to vote for come November, and the Texas Democratic Women can see if they can reach their ambitious goal.

The next meet and greet is with Candidate for Texas Land Commissioner Hector Uribe and Candidate for Texas Attorney General Barbara Ann Radnofsky.

That will be August 19 at 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Alhambra on 17th street in McAllen.