Texas planning on May 29 primary

Delegate-rich Texas was originally scheduled to be a part of next month's slate of Super Tuesday Primaries, but a redistricting clash forced the state to reschedule its contest to April 3rd. With that date now all but dead too, a May primary could be long after Republicans settle on a nominee to face President Barack Obama.

"They were speaking about a split primary, said Cameron County Election Administrator Roger Ortiz. They would have the president's election and possibly some of the parties chairs on it, but that didn't go through mainly because of funding.

The Cameron County Election Administrator was recently in San Antonio during a series of hearings where a panel of federal judges demanded compromise between the Texas Attorney General and minority rights groups.

The parties have been unable to compromise on temporary voting maps for the 2012 elections.

"On Tuesday it didn't seem to me like both parties, and I mean the attorneys for the different groups, were any closer to reaching an agreement on the maps, said Ortiz.

Although the chances of an April primary are not officially extinguished, Ortiz acknowledged those prospects are fading because of logistics.

May 29th seemed to be a date that everybody said we can work with that date, said Ortiz.

We can do everything possibly can to make it happen so that's what the courts ordered.

Ortiz says any earlier dates were off the table since it wouldn't give election officials enough time to meet deadlines.

"We have to work with the maps, said Ortiz.

We have to place people in their correct precinct and also there would have to be a new filing period. Some of the candidates that filed for a certain position may not be eligible to run for that position once the maps come out.

Even if Texas is left out of choosing who will be at the top of the republican ticket, plenty is still at stake whenever the state settles on new voting maps.