Two Cameron County JPs get jobs back

Earlier in November, a majority of Cameron County commissioners voted to eliminate Precinct Four and Seven constable positions.

They also voted to get rid of the Justices of the Peace in the same precincts.

Now some commissioners claim they were confused.

Cameron County Judge Carlos Cascos said he fully understood.

"I wasn't confused, said Cascos. I knew exactly what the court had done, and that's what I thought that the court wanted to do, to eliminate two constables and two Justices of the Peace."

The two constables remain off their posts while the two Justices of the Peace got their jobs back in a Wednesday vote.

Cascos said he thinks politics motivated the move.

"I think it was a political deal, said Cascos. I think they probably| got pressure from some of the JPs, and they just acquiesced to not eliminate them."

Cascos said he's only trying to save tax payer dollars.

"Because I've always believed that Cameron County has too many JPs in comparison to other counties our size, our population."

Others argue taking away jobs could hurt the Cameron County economy.

The constable eliminations are effective at the end of their terms.

Their respective territories will then be merged into other precincts.