Valley Catholics unite to fight abortion

Bishop Raymundo Peña talks about the national Pro-Life campaign

More than 60,000 Catholics from across the valley are participating in a national campaign in defense of life.

The group is sending Pro-Life letters and postcards to elected officials in Washington, D.C.

The effort is part of a nationwide campaign against the 'Freedom of Choice Act' or FOCA.

Bishop Raymundo Pea of the Brownsville Diocese believes sponsors of FOCA may introduce a similar bill soon, and President Barack Obama has promised to sign it if it reaches his desk

Members of the 'Respect Life Ministry' and various grassroots organizations are busy gathering letters and delivering them to Bishop Pea at the Basilica of Our Lady of San Juan Del Valle-National Shrine.

Pea promises the letters will reach legislators.

These Catholics are not only asking congress to keep existing Pro-Life laws, but to maintain Pro-Life policies and oppose the federal funding and promotion of abortion.

Tens of millions of cards have already been passed out across the country to parishes, schools, non-catholic churches and civic organizations.

Orders continue to come in.