Valley Democrats react to passage of Texas Voter ID Bill

After more than 11 hours of debate, the Voter ID Bill passed the Texas House Wednesday night the final vote 101 to 48.

Texas Democrats said this new measure will pose hurdles for the poor and minority voters who are less likely to have a state-issued identification card.

Jose Medrano is a community Education Officer with the Start Center in San Benito, a non-profit organization that encourages low income families to vote.

He said that there TMs already a lot of difficulty with elections and getting out to vote this new bill only further discourages voters.

Medrano pointed out that many here in the Rio Grande Valley are already disappointed with the voting system.

In the last election in Cameron County, we didn TMt know of course officially who out county judge was for a while so there are a lot of issues already with the voting process," Medrano said.

Now under this new bill, a voter would have to take a valid ID to the polls like a driver's license, personal ID card, military ID or a passport.

Texas State Rep. Larry Gonzales, (R-Round Rock) spoke in favor of the Texas Voter ID Bill.

We are trying to protect the integrity of our voting system," Gonzales said. "We all know the heart of our republic is the elections process whatever we can do to ensure the integrity of that and make people more confident of the elections process.

While some lawmakers feel this voter ID bill will protect the voters, others still believe it will cast a negative light and keep some from voting.

The bill now goes back to the Texas Senate for a compromise version then on to Gov. Rick Perry to sign.