Valley groups to protest so-called "anti-immigration" bills

It's a Rio Grande Valley effort to make people aware of proposed bills in the Texas Legislature dealing with the illegal immigration issue.

The organization A Resource In Serving Equality (ARISE) along with a few others in the Valley are going door-to-door asking people to sign a petition post card against the bills.

ARISE said they will march at the Capitol in protest of those bills and hand deliver the petitions to the Texas State Capitol.

As a collective effort, ARISE said their organization along with others associated with the Equal Voice Network are going door-by-door asking people to sign a petition postcard addressed to Lt. Governor Dewhurst.

The postcard is meant to make Dewhurst aware that the signers of the card oppose any type of so called anti-immigration bill that has been proposed.

On the post card, it states that the person signing the card is against legislature that could hurt security, cities, families and businesses.

It also said Texas should make its own path and not follow Arizona's.

"It's all about immigration bills affecting immigrants," said ARISE staff member Nasaria Garcia in Spanish.

Maria Lumbreras said she believes immigrants, undocumented or not, should have rights in this country, but others disagree.

"The children shouldn't have to pay for their parent's errors especially after the parents make such a sacrifice thinking they're about to give their children a better life," said Maria Lumbreras who opposed the proposed immigration bills.

Many are in support of the proposed bills.

Viewer Leca 1130 commented about the issue on writing, "Enforce existing immigration laws, and I truly hope Texas passes an Arizona style immigration soon."

No me moleste, writes another viewer. "anyone found illegally in the us should be barred from ever becoming a legal resident or citizen."

Organizations associated with the Equal Voice Network are planning a march later this month in Austin to protest the bills, but they said the first step is getting the post cards signed.

ARISE staff members said they reach out to the community going door-by-door because many people who live here don't have the means to get to the office.

After the march to the Capitol steps, these organizations from across the Valley and South Texas plan to hand deliver the petitions at the capitol.

ARISE staff members said around 500 people from the Valley will attend the march on February 22.