Valley McCain supporters react to Obama victory

Rio Grande Valley residents are right back to business, having dinner with family and discussing the historic election that swept the nation.

Action 4 News visited a Harlingen restaurant where we picked random tables and asked the families to share their opinions of the presidential election.

Border Patrol agent Roel Rodriguez said he followed the presidential elction closely.

"I was watching since the polls closed," he said."I actually was kind of surprised is wasn't close."

Elementary school teacher Erica Saldivar did the same thing.

"I stayed up till midnight watching the polls and Watching the celebration and watching McCain's speech," she said.

Both Rodriguez and Saldivar said they supported John McCain.

"I was disappointed because I did vote for McCain because of the pro-life issues and so forth," Saldivar said.

The devout Catholic teacher and mom told Action 4 News that she hopes Obama will tackle the most important issues first.

"I want Obama to see that the economy needs attention right now and leave his plans to pass the Freedom of Choice Act to the side," she said. "We're praying that the abortion issue doesn't become more of a tragedy."

Rodriguez echoed her remarks.

"In my opinion, I think John McCain was ready to lead and move this country forward but apparently the country didn't see it that way," he said.

Rodriguez said he hopes Obama will finally secure the border.

"To continue emphasis on national security, address immigration issues and definitely the economy," Rodriguez said of the issues most important to him.