Valley residents concerned over federal budget struggles

The House passed a short-term resolution to cut federal spending by $ 4 billion and stopped a partial shutdown of the government agencies for two weeks.

But the struggle over the federal budget is just getting started.

For 30 years, Norma Patino worked as a nurse aid"all the while paying into her social security.

"I've worked a lot, Patino said. I would work two jobs or whenever they would call me."

Talks of a two-week government shut down have come to close. This, after the House agreed to cut Federal spending by $4-billion dollars.

Norma said that does not ease her mind.

She said she stills worries about her own social security benefits as the federal government looks at cutting even more.

House Republicans proposed a bill that would cut $61 billion dollars from government agencies over the second half of the budget year.

"It's kind of scary," Patino said.

Patino is not alone. David Molina said he has been working since he was 13 years old.

Now, he is disabled and worried some programs he depends on could be put up on the chopping block to help cut federal spending.

"In the long run it's going to hurt all of us," Molina said.

Action 4 News spoke to Congressman Henry Cuellar. He said there are no plans to cut social security benefits or any other much needed programs.

"Social Security benefits should be kept separate from the issues of the deficit," Cuellar said during a phone interview.

Cuellar said social security is something that should be discussed in the near future. He also said social security and other much needed programs should not be used to balance out the deficit.