Valley residents discuss Obama, McCain tax plans

Janine Deal said she supports John McCain

The presidential election is just a few weeks away and one of the hot topics for both candidates is tax cuts.

Action 4 News went out on the street to see what Rio Grande Valley residents thought about the candidates' proposed tax cuts.

"Under Obama TMs plan, I would be saving, said McCaine supporter Janine Deal.

Undecided voter Danielle Estrada agreed. "You save double or more, she said.

They're talking about Obama TMs proposal.

According to the tax policy center, anyone with an annual salary $112, 000 or less would pay less in taxes under Obama TMs plan.

Those in the top 5 percent making more than $227,000 a year,would benefit under McCain TMs plan.

But Deal told Action 4 News that it doesn't matter what the numbers say, it's not going to sway her vote.

"It's only money and money comes and goes," she said.

But Estrada said these numbers might have an impact on her choice for the next president.

"This is shedding some new light on it, she said.

But for others, tax cuts are the least of their concerns.

They just don't want another Republican in the White House.

"McCain...I see him as another Bush and enough of Bush, said Obama supporter Janet Garza.

One thing is clear: voters have a lot to consider before November 4.

Proposed Tax Savings

Income Obama McCain Less than $19,000 $567 $21 $19,000 to $37,600 $892 $118 $37,600 to $66,400 $1,118 $325 $66,400 to $111,600 $1,264 $994 $111,600 to $161,000 $2,135 $2,584 $161,000 to $227,000 $2,796 $4,437 Top 5 percent earners

$227,000 to $603,400 $121 $8,159 $603,400 to $2.87 million $93,709 $48,862 more than $2.87 million $542,882 $290,708 Source: Tax Policy Center