Valley residents react to Mubarak stepping down

February 11, 2011 is a day that will go down in history.

Friday Egyptians everywhere, including here in the valley, rejoiced after hearing the news that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was stepping down after 30-years in power.

I was happy this is what we've been waiting for the past 17 days, said Sandra Arevalo, a local Muslim who has led a movement here in the valley showing support for her fellow worshipers in Egypt.

It's a big stepping stone not just for Egypt but for the whole middle east| Egypt is sort of the heart of the Arab world, said Arevalo.

Arevalo isn TMt alone Friday dozens gathered in Edinburg to celebrate what they are calling an ending of an oppressive era in Egypt.

The excitement was unanimous but what made it even better those in Edinburg said was it happened in peace.

Hassan Elsayed was born and raised in Egypt he told Action 4 he lived there for 32 years and couldn TMt believe the demonstrations and valor the young people in Egypt showed.

They are much, much braver people than we did, he said.

Elsayed said he especially admired the courage of Google Marketing Executive Wael Ghonim.

When he said|I TMm going to get choked|when he said he would sacrifice his life| the good life he has with a good company like Google|he has a good wife and family and kids and he will die for Egypt I felt so impressed, said the native Egyptian.