Valley residents speak about proposed southbound inspections bill

Carmen Maldonado comes to Hidalgo from Reynosa at least two to three times a month.

She says life in Reynosa is at times scary.

"The situation in Reynosa is really difficult, there's assaults, threats|a lot of things are going on, and as a family, we need to be safe, Maldonado said.

But now, Texas lawmakers have introduced House Bill 48 that would require southbound inspections for cars and pedestrians heading south into Mexico.

The bill would allow the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) to set up southbound inspection stations near the Texas/Mexico border to look for illegal weapons and drug money.

Maldonado said she hopes House Bill 48 could beef up security and prevent some violence from getting through.

"It's good because it provides security for everyone that heads down south, she said.

Maldonado says she hopes the extra security could help prevent guns from being misused in Mexico.

"That's why I think it's a good idea for them to inspect traffic even more, she said.

Maldonado says she frequently waits up to an hour in traffic to get to and from Reynosa.

She said this bill although would beef up security could make the wait longer but that doesn't bother her.

"Because of all the insecurity we live with in Reynosa, it's better to prevent things by spending more time in line to be inspected so that our families can be safer, she said.

But others those inspections will cause congested traffic-something they just don't want to put up with.

Heber Garza is originally from Reynosa but has lived in hidalgo for four years.

He said he visits family once a week and if the bill passes, he won't be going to Reynosa as often.

He said he doesn't want to wait in line for so long-because it's a waste of time

House bill 48 has been pre-filed in advance of the Texas Legislature, which will start in January.