Valley residents speak about proposed texting while driving ban

Over two dozen states have banned motorists from texting while driving but the Lone Star State is not one of them.

A poll on Action 4 News showed 50% of Rio Grande Valley drivers would not support a law that would ban texting while driving.

But some Brownsville residents don TMt agree, in fact they welcome the ban.

Samuel Langston told Action 4 News that he supports the ban because there have already been several accidents and deaths due to drivers who text.

Langston said he has even texted while driving but mostly at stop signs and when there are no cars around.

For some Valley teens, texting is too hard to resist.

Two residents who identified themselves as "Claribel" and "Silvia" were seen texting while getting out of their car.

They don TMt agree with the ban but said that if they ban texting, they are just going to call someone instead.

They do agree however, they themselves have been distracted by texting and almost caused a wreck.