Valley residents talk about President Obama TMs State of the Union Address

University of Texas at Brownsville Professor Dr. Carlos Figueroa is hopeful that President Obama will use Tuesday night TMs State of the Union Address as a platform to get back to basics.

The key is telling the American people that things are happening despite the partisan politics, Figueroa said. "The critique is that he was taking on too many things at the same time. Many who were in Washington for many years called him nave, a newcomer trying to be the hero, trying to change Washington - so what he has to do is go back to articulating what exactly needs to be done."

Two years into the Obama administration some Valley residents said their concerns have grown on several issues like the economy, healthcare reform and immigration.

However, some strong Obama supporters aren't giving up on their president.

"The president is doing ok the thing is the people need to let him work, a Brownsville resident said. The Senate, the Congress - they need to let it work."

The man said he had to trade in his truck for a smaller car due to the price of gas and has to watch his pennies, but he's hoping for a sign from President Obama that things will soon change.

(I want him) to help us to help us in the economy I hope so - to give us a chance on the taxes and everything.

Dr. Figueroa expects the president to use the tragic shooting in Arizona as a way to remind the nation of the need for unity.

"It's interesting he's playing this compromise game at this point in order to move his agenda forward," Figueroa said.