Valley social security workers hold protest in Harlingen

Thousands of social security workers are worried about how they will provide much needed services if the government shuts down.

Because of that fear, workers in Harlingen were outside the social security building on Wednesday, hoping their voice will be heard in Washington DC.

We're here to serve the public and any type of furloughs will definitely effect the way we serve the public. "said Rene Garcia.

He is talking about the budget crisis that law makers in Washington, DC can't seem to find common ground on.

The current continuing resolution expires Friday at midnight.

If democrats and republicans are unable to reach an agreement by that deadline, the federal government will shut down, leaving many social security worker and other non-essential federal workers without a job...

This could affect many across the board, including the elderly who most live on fixed income.

"If you qualify for both programs your only living at $694.00 a month, that TMs hardly enough to survive and to cut Medicare would really effect many people said Gracie Ratliff.

Not only will those seeking benefits be affected, but so will the families of Gracie Ratliff and others who could find themselves on mandatory, unpaid days off.