Valley veteran reacts to President's speech

Baldemar Ramirez said he was left with mixed feelings after the President laid out his new war strategy in Afghanistan to the American public.

While he agreed with the need for 30 thousand additional troops, Ramirez said it was Obama's timeline for withdraw that left him with doubt.

"You can't put a timeline on what we're going to do ... When you do that... The Taliban will wait until we leave and then they're going to back in there," he said.

Ramirez is a Retired Green Beret with more than 20 years of military experience under his belt. The Special Ops soldier has been to more than 40 countries, speaks five different languages and received a letter from President Nixon for his support during Vietnam.

It TMs a war the President addressed in his speech. He wanted critics to know Afghanistan is not like the war in Vietnam. Ramirez was quick to side with the President.

"There's more people involved... There's NATO... There's more people willing to help to bring it to an end," said Ramirez.

When it comes to the 30 billion dollars a year the President says it will cost to fund the ongoing efforts, along with the need to train and fight insurgents from within, Ramirez supported the President TMs decision.

He compared it to a soldier's commitment to duty and honor and stated the US must do what it takes to protect our nation and its allies.

"I'm glad we're sending them troops up there to protect what we have over there already and not lose any more lives."