Veterans Ask Washington for a V. A. Hospital in Valley

War veterans in the Valley said they feel neglected because Washington has not given them an answer to build a Veterans Administration Hospital.

Juan Escobar, a former State Representative said, "We've done our share for this country, yet our country has neglected us."

It TMs an opinion shared by those involved in the Veterans Alliance of the Rio Grande Valley.

Members gathered in Rio Grande City to discuss Proposition 8.

In Texas, Proposition 8 is a constitutional amendment which could speed up efforts to bring a Veterans Administration Hospital to the Valley, and it has been set as Proposition 8 in the Tuesday, November 3 statewide constitutional amendments ballot.

Veterans told Action 4 News it is an ongoing issue.

Many of the World War II Veterans have already died, and their dream can TMt seem to come true. It TMs our job for this district to carry that dream, said Homer Gallegos, District Commander and Chairman of the Veterans Alliance of the RGV.

Escobar also mentioned, "We have been fighting this issue since 1973. At that time, the issues have always been the same thing. We don't have the numbers.

But, Escobar disputed those claims and said if the state would count all of south Texas as a whole, not just three counties, the numbers would be there.

Wayne DePute, Senior Vice Commander added, "We have a little over 100,000 veterans in the Valley. They have to travel up to five hours to be able to get to a V. A. Hospital. It TMs very important that we take care of these veterans. These men have served this country, and they need the medical care that they can get."

Local veterans said the only thing they can do is continue to stress the need for a local V. A. Hospital.