Villalobos vows to ~fight on TM despite racketeering charges

Armando Villalobos walked out of the federal courthouse in Brownsville on Monday with a smile, and with his full family behind him.

"We're going to go forward, he told a group of supporters that had gathered outside the courthouse. I'm not going to resign from the DA's office; I'm not going to withdraw from the [congressional] race."

The Cameron County District Attorney was indicted, arrested and processed within a span of several hours.

But, by Monday afternoon he was free on $50,000 unsecured bond, meaning he did not have to pay to get out.

"I'm innocent of all charges, he claimed. I look forward to going to court so we can this thing over with."

A 12-count indictment charged Villalobos with racketeering, extortion and fraud, in connection to former judge Abel Limas TM bribery scandal.

The documents claim attorney Eddie Lucio allegedly paid Villalobos $80,000 in exchange for favorable outcomes in a 2007 murder trial.

Lucio was also indicted and charged with extortion and fraud.

"The government has Person 1 and Person G like dancing chickens, Lucio TMs attorney John Blaylock said. They're in a little hot plate dancing around and the more the government turns up the heat, the more they dance to perform."

Blaylock questioned the merit of the claims listed in the indictment and said his client is innocent.

Though he does not represent Villalobos, he added politics is likely behind the charges.

"The question is why are they bringing it up now? Right before a political campaign or an election cycle, he questioned.

As part of the terms for their release on bond, Villalobos and Lucio both agreed to pre-trial supervision.

They will have to surrender their passport and weapons.

The two men are due back in federal court in late June.