Water districting bill vetoed by Governor Rick Perry

The City of McAllen rejoiced the passage last month of a water districting bill they said would have saved money, but after its passage in the legislature, Governor Rick Perry vetoed it.

Just four months ago our cameras caught the debate between the city of McAllen and Hidalgo County TMs Water Improvement District #3 on whose best fit to operate the district.

Legislators introduced Senate Bill 978 the same month.

The bill would have dissolved the district and assume its responsibilities to the City of McAllen.

Legislators approved the bill, but Governor Rick Perry vetoed it Friday.

The district was first organized over three quarters of a century ago to pump water from the Rio Grande to farmers, but as McAllen urbanized, the city's public utility became the district's number one customer.

Cortez said taking over the water rights would save the city money, but now they'll have to do without and continue working with the district.

Click on the video to see what the water improvement district has said about this issue.