Weslaco superintendent to fight allegations

In a four to three vote, Weslaco's school board told its superintendent not to come back to work.

Superintendent Richard Rivera did not attend the meeting.

Board member Dr. Robert Sepulveda told the board he disagreed with its decision.

"I am not convinced, said Sepulveda.

But certain district employees both former and current said it's time for change.

Claiming intimidation from school board members, many declined to talk on camera.

They said the allegations against Rivera placed on the agenda are a fraction of the problems he failed to fix.

The listed allegations include misuse of state grant money, failure to address issues at the district's alternative high school and failing to address alleged cases of insubordination and leave irregularities of some district employees.

The superintendent's attorney said the allegations are absurd.

We strongly believe that all of the allegations regarding those three specific issues have been properly addressed, have been properly investigated, not only by the superintendent of schools, but they were also done by all of his top administrators, said Rivera TMs attorney Jacques Trevino.

One former school board member said he can't understand the need to remove Rivera, when the superintendent is set to retire in less than a year.

I know that the board has certain issues they were concerned about, but I believe the board should have given him time to resolve those issues, said Rodolfo Rodriguez.

To some, Rivera has had enough time.

Stars line the wall behind school board members' heads.

They each represent a school year recognized by the Texas Education Agency.

They were all received under Rivera's rule.

Many are thankful.

Some said his time has come.

When asked if the move was permanent, a school board member said he believes it is only temporary.

Rivera will be getting a paycheck while he is on administrative leave.

His attorney told Action 4 News he plans to fight the decision.

The school board voted for the district TMs deputy superintendent to take Rivera TMs place.