Woman concerned with 0.03 percent voter turnout in Cameron County

Amendments for Veterans

Election observers are concerned with the low voter turnout in Cameron County.

The early voting numbers are in and show that less than 2,300 voters made their way to the polls.

One concerned voter told Action 4 News, if residents do not head to the polls, it may have a huge impact on our veterans.

"Voter turnout is very low and this is what I've seen, 0.03% of all voters in our county have voted. That is unacceptable; that is too low. We're not even at a point yet here people. So, we got to change this, concerned voter Teresa Salvidar said.

Teresa Saldivar is the Democratic Precinct Chair of precinct 62 in Cameron County. She said this year it TMs even more important than ever for residents to show up at the polls, in order to help our local veterans community.

"They have served their county and we need to support them and their needs. These amendments will do that, she added. Saldivar is talking about Proposition one and four on the local ballot. They propose to give full or partial property tax exemptions to spouses of fallen soldiers and to disabled veterans who have had homes donated to them through charities.

"They have done so much. They have given so much, that this is something we can give back to them. We're always saying we support our veterans. Well, show it through your vote." Saldivar said while people may feel like one vote will make a difference, she is reassuring the skeptics that it does.

"If you take each person as an individual, and add them together, we can do so much, she reassuringly said.