Agents arrest truck driver accused of smuggling 4 Mexican nationals among 'pile of grain'

Border Patrol agents arrested a truck driver on Sunday after they found four Mexican nationals hidden inside a trailer among a "pile of grain", according to a criminal complaint.

On Sunday at about 7:50 a.m., the driver of a red tractor truck pulling a silver grain hopper attempted to cross the Sarita checkpoint.

After an agent noticed the driver's hand shaking during questioning, agents asked for permission to x-ray the vehicle.

Once agents noticed “anomalies” on the x-ray image, they investigated further and found four Mexican nationals "inside of the grain hopper trailer on top of a pile of grain," according to the criminal complaint.

According to the criminal complaint:

"All of the subjects had grain over the majority of their bodies in what was a likely attempt to avoid detection by the x-ray."

Agents arrested the Mexican nationals, the driver and a female passenger.

The driver, identified as Ebetier Flores-Arriaga, has been arrested on three previous occasions for attempting to smuggle undocumented immigrants, according to the criminal complaint.

Flores-Arriaga was charged with attempting to transport an alien within the United States, according to the criminal complaint.

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