12 dead after McAllen bus collides with 18-wheeler in Saltillo

La Vanguardia Newspaper

Rio Grande Valley residents and Winter Texans from Canada are among the dead in an deadly tour bus accident between Saltillo and Zacatecas.

Mexican media outlets are reporting that the crash involving a Senda Express tour bus and an 18-wheeler left at least 12 dead and 15 wounded.

Action 4 News has learned that the bus was operated as part of "Viva Mexico Tours" at 711 W. Nolana Ave. in McAllen.

The El Milenio newspaper reported that the bus left from the McAllen sometime on Monday and was traveling to the City of Zacatecas when the two vehicles collided.

Mexican media outlets are reporting that the 18-wheeler was at fault in the highway accident.

According to reports, the 18-wheeler lost control, overcorrected and swerved into oncoming traffic.

The truck driver was identified as Julio Cesar Rodriguez Garza was reported injured.

El Milenio reported that the passengers were identified as tourists from the Rio Grande Valley and Canada.

The bus driver Cesar Garcia Huerta was killed along with 10 passengers.

El Milenio reported that 15 were injured and taken to the Muguerza, Magisterio y Concepcin hospitals in Saltillo.

Mexican authorities identified the 12 killed as:

  • Alberto Garza, 58, Edinburg, Texas
  • Rebecca Pemelton, 60, Harlingen, Texas
  • Maria Sanchez, 54, Harlingen, Texas
  • Ana Maria Bujanos, 60, Los Fresnos, Texas
  • Javier Garza, 60, Texas
  • Ronald Keith Cristy, 74, West Liberty, Iowa
  • Robert Lacas, 56, Quebec, Canada
  • Carolyn Jean Kowaleski, 68, Caledonia, Ontario, Canada
  • Marilyn Jackson, 67, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Roger Gene Burnes, 64, Unknown
  • Cesar Garcia Huerta, 46, Linares, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
  • 12th person remains unidentified

Mexican authorities identified the 15 injured as:

  • Baker Kermet, 75, Harlingen, Texas
  • Maria Lidia Golterman, 68, Texas
  • Ramon Gomez Montoya, 55, Texas
  • Melisa Vela Atar, 53, Texas
  • Georgina Robles, 60, Texas
  • Barbara Jewell Dalke, 65, Texas
  • Andres Longria Olivares, 61, Texas
  • Margaret "Maggie" Christy, 69, West Liberty, Iowa
  • Lyne Carrier, 56, Quebec, Canada
  • Randolph Kowaleski, 50, Caledonia, Ontario, Canada
  • Karen Luisa Lait, 58, Burlington, Ontario, Canada
  • James Cake Lait, 55, Burlington, Ontario, Canada
  • Gabriel Perez Diaz, 37, Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico
  • Mario Molina Silva, 20, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
  • Julio Cesar Rodriguez Garcia, Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico

For an official list of those killed or in injured contact:

  • U.S. Embassy in Mexico City at 011 (52) (55) 5080-2000
  • Canadian Embassy in Mexico City at 011 (52) (55) 5724-7900
  • Coahuila State Police at 011 (52) (844) 438-9800.

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