Hidalgo County jury finds former deputy constable 'not guilty'

A Hidalgo County jury has found a former deputy constable not guilty in a DWI wreck where two Winter Texans were injured.

Javier Hinojosa appeared for an intoxication assault and DWI trial before Judge Aida Salinas Flores in the 398th state District Court on Monday.

The trial ended on Wednesday with jurors going into deliberations that ended Thursday afternoon.

Jurors found Hinojosa not guilty on both counts.

Prosecutors are declining comment on the case at this time.

Alamo police arrested the former Hidalgo County Precinct 2 deputy constable back in January 2010.

Hinojosa was charged with driving while intoxicated and wrecking into a Winter Texan couple's car off Business 83.

The Winter Texan couple spent time in a local hospital, returned to their home state of Iowa and chose not return to the Rio Grande Valley for the trial.

Hinojosa refused to submit to a breathalyzer and blood tests even though they are required by law in DWI cases involving accidents with injury.

The former deputy constable lost his job as a result of the incident.

It's unclear how the jury's verdict will affect his career in law enforcement but Hinojosa is facing another DWI in an unrelated case.

The former deputy constable is expected in Hidalgo County Court at Law #5 on July 18th for a pre-trial hearing.

The trial in that DWI case is expected to take place on August 22nd.