Many Winter Texans plan to continue visits to Mexico

The self-declared Winter Texans from Wisconsin, Iowa and Michigan said they are glad to be back in the Rio Grande Valley.

They said they love to spend their late fall and winter seasons in the Valley because the weather is perfect, the people are some of the friendliest around and having dental work done just across the border is inexpensive.

The Winter Texans Action 4 News spoke with said visiting Mexico is Still on their to do list.

One Winter Texan from Minnesota said she already traveled to Mexico and plans to go back.

"Well i think we're a little more cautious, but we've already been over to Progreso and had dental work done last week," Darlene Rolle said. "And we'llbe going back again Tuesday for follow up dental work."

The Winter Texans said the reported increase in border violence is a concern but it wont be enough to ruin their plans, especially when the Baby Boomers are itching to go bird watching, visit South Padre Island and historic down towns throughout the Valley.

"Well, you hear about it and - we're still going to go to Mexico, to Progreso," Joan Gall said. "It's a worry some thing, but, It's just fun and wego to the dentist down there."

Kristi Collier, owner of Welcome Home Rio Grande Valley, said she expects an increase of Winter Texans by 14 percent this season, even despite the violence across the border.

Collier said the Valley's lower cost-of-living in comparison to Florida or Arizona is one of the biggest attractions for Winter Texans.

However, manager at El Valle Del Sol Y La Luna, Irma Sanchez, said she hopes those numbers are accurate, because so far, she hasn't seen the number of Winter Texans as she has in the past.

"A lot of the retirees are having to help out their families because of the kids that for one reason or another have lost their job," Sanchez said. "Then the Canadian residents are having problems with health insurance."