Streets of Speed - First speeder of 2011 revealed?

While life at Lake Delta Community Resort in Edcouch may appear to be tranquil and picturesque, Wayne Craft said it's not always the case.

"I just spent $85,000 on a home here... I'd like to be able to walk out my door without being killed," Craft said.

100 homes line the resort grounds.

Craft has a beef with those who live there and speed.

"I figured maybe with a little public humiliation... maybe they'll get the idea," he said.

The posted speed limit is 10 miles per hour.

Craft forked over his own money to buy a handful of speed signs scattered around his property.

He also built his own road humps.

They don't always work.

"My dad's dog was run over here," Craft explained.

Feeling helpless, with no assistance on speed patrol from law enforcement on private property, Craft turned to the Speedzapper.

"I called Ryan Wolf... the new sheriff... Without his help... I can't do this by myself," he said.

With a radar gun in hand, the Speedzapper waited and waited for motorists.

Not a single car sped by.

Winter Texans who stopped to speak with the Speedzapper were driving just 9 miles per hour at the time.

"We always talk about you up in Iowa... we ought to get people like you up there," Betty Yepma said.

Perhaps it was the time of day for the zapping, but Craft swears some drivers do speed 10, 15, even 20 miles per hour over the limit.

But on this afternoon, on this day, it was a no-go on any speed show.

"Unfortunately it didn't happen," Craft said. "But you did a great job for me... just your presence here has gotten people below 10 miles per hour...And that's a miracle right there."