16,000-seat soccer stadium under construction in Reynosa

Plans of the finished project for the Reynosa soccer stadium.

It's a field of dreams south of the border in Reynosa.

City officials are hoping to transform a humble soccer field and transform it into a 16,417-seat stadium.

The stadium will be home to the Reynosa Football Club, a minor league soccer team.

Calling it "one of the most important" projects for families, city officials say it'll also be home to concerts and other special events.

According to plans of the project, builders are also including 103 luxury and private boxes that will also cater to businesses and upscale clients.

The construction of of the stadium comes amid a building boom in Reynosa.

Although drug cartel violence dominates headlines about Reynosa in the American press, the city has added several new shopping centers and factories over the past two years.

The soccer stadium is being built at an existing sports complex in a busy area off Boulevard Morelos and the Matamoros freeway on the city's southside.

Located on the southwest shore of Laguna Escondida, the stadium will be across the lake from city's largest park and a multi-story cultural center.

The area is poised to become a destination for area residents and tourists alike.

Construction for phase one of the project started a few weeks ago.

Work crews have laid the foundation for the first tier of seats but a second tier will follow during phase two of the project.

Working at a break-neck pace, city officials are hoping to have the construction done by the fall and just in time for soccer season.