Action 4's CEO explains decision to air Cowboys over Texans

Houston Texans Fan Kru Kayan Sitsanthaparn

A handful of Houston Texans fans feel sacked by Action 4's decision to air the Cowboys on Sunday. "It's a slap in the face to all of us fans," Kru Kayan Sitsanthaparn said.

The protesters gathered outside the Action 4 studio in Harlingen Friday morning to voice their distaste over management's decision to go against the Texans, which normally airs on CBS.

"We've suffered a lot... We've been through a lot... And now is the time and we're showing our fan support," Anthony Gorena said.

The Dallas Cowboys have a record of 4 wins and 4 losses as they take on the Buffalo Bills at noon.

In the same time slot is the game pitting the Houston Texans versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Valley Texans fans say their team at 6 wins and 3 losses is the one to watch.

They also point to results from an Action 4 Facebook poll.

It showed Friday afternoon how their team led in results by some 200 votes for which game to air.

Tom Keeler is President/CEO at Action 4.

"It's extremely difficult," he said about the decision.

Keeler says the online poll was only one data point used to make a final decision.

Other factors included game ratings over the years and the network's input, according to Keeler.

"People are watching... People are tuning in and are engaged...

And we make a decision that as a broadcast television station we come into people's homes every single day... So we become part of their family... So I can respect the opinions of our Texans fans... Which by no means was us turning our backs on them." Most CBS stations across the state have made a similar audible to air the Cowboys game.

But that doesn't mean Texans fans will be left in the dark.

The game will be available for Direct TV subscribers with the Sunday Ticket.

Many sports bars, like Buffalo Wild Wings in Harlingen, plan to air the game as well.

While the Valley may be "Cowboy Country," protesting Texans fans have proven that their team isn TMt the little brother team anymore.