Bryant shines early in Oxnard

Dallas Cowboys training camp

In Oxnard the Dallas Cowboys are getting some great performances already from players they are hoping will have big seasons.

But when playing against one another, one looking good means someone looks bad.

The talk of the training camp has been spectacular performance from Cowboys Wide Receiver Dez Bryant.

The problem is, that performance is coming at the expense of the Dallas Cornerbacks.

Is there anything that Dez TMs teammates can do to stop Dez Bryant?

The Cowboys starting Cornerbacks are taking Dez TMs spectacular in stride.

They know it's not only a good problem to have, but the law of averages says at some point, they'll get a few back on Dez.

Number 88 knows that the kind of competition he's facing in Mo Claiborne and Brandon Carr will pay off with yards and touchdowns once real NFL opponents come calling.

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