Cowboys Linebacker Sean Lee-Supporting Teammates While Rehabbing Knee

For many football players, the prospect of a season on the sidelines would send them into a deep depression.For Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee, he says that prospect made him a better teammate.On the first day of offseason training activities this past spring, Lee went down with a left knee injury that knocked him out of the 2014 season.But while Lee could have rehabilitated in Dallas all summer, he felt it was important to join his Cowboy brothers in Oxnard for training camp. He believes the best way to help his team make the playoffs is to be around and be supportive.Now Lee, who injured his right knee in college, and who has missed Cowboys games before with other injuries, knows he has to prove to his coaches, teammates, and himself that when he returns, he''ll be able to remain healthy for a 16-game season.Lee says "I obviously haven't shown the ability to stay on the field consistently, but I have shown the ability to come back from injuries, and come back better sometimes, so that's my plan with the rehab. You know I love playing football, and I want to play football for as long as I can, and I think that's what motivates me to come back. You know, part of being able to come back from one knee (injury) is it gives me confidence I can come back from another."