Death Of The Dorados:af2 Folds

On August 1st, The Rio Grande Valley Dorados lost an af2 playoff game in Bossier City, Louisiana.

Now it appears that loss was the last time anyone will see or hear from that team ever again.

The Dorados' indoor football league, the af2, is dead after none of the participating teams were interested in returning for the 2010 season. With the af2's also-now-defunct big brother, the Arena Football League, declaring bankruptcy, the franchises all shied away, wary of being dragged into legal limbo as well.

That the league dissolved was not such a surprise to Dorados owner Troy Nelson, but what happened next was.

"A majority of the teams from the AF2 are forming a new league, but the Dorados are not a part of this group," explained Nelson. "The Dorados were not made aware of any of this until a few weeks ago although the planning has apparently been going on for a while."

With the Austin & Corpus Christi teams folding, the Dorados would have been the only Texas team in the new league rising from the ashes of the af2. Travel concerns apparently eliminated any desire to establish a franchise in the Rio Grande Valley.

But certainly the Dorados can still join an existing league, like the new IFL, right?

Not as the Dorados, they can't.

"Since the AFL legally owns the Dorados name and logo," says Nelson, "this pretty much means the end of the Dorados franchise in the Valley. Personally, I can TMt imagine that it TMs the end of professional football in the Valley, just the end of the Dorados, which is very unfortunate."

The next step is exploring options in the new 17-team IFL, a merger of the old Intense Football League and the United League of Indoor Football that has 5 franchises located in Texas (Abilene, Corpus Christi, El Paso, Odessa, and San Angelo).

But those options will include a new name and a new logo for any new team in the Valley.

RIP Rio Grande Valley Dorados:

5 Seasons

57 wins (3 in playoffs)

45 losses (3 in playoffs)

1 Southwest Division title (2007)