Family Matters-Cowboys Young And Old At Training Camp

There is drama, there is dysfunction, but there is also plenty of love around the Dallas Cowboys organization as well.. More like a family than an organization to tell the truth, and in the 2nd week of training camp in Oxnard, all of that was on display.First, to the drama. 11 on 11 drills, when rookie cornerback Terrance Mitchell takes Dwayne Harris to the ground. That's a no-no in training camp, and Dez Bryant lets him know about it.Harris comes up lame, but was able to practice the next day. After practice, a member of that Cowboys family back and doing some coaching, that is Nate Newton showing a some undrafted free agents on defense how he would've stopped them. not many folks remember that Nate himself was an undrafted free agent, but he remembers. He might be in the media now, but he's also family, and he wants to help the Cowboys improve.Former Cowboys Great Nate Newton says: "When I see a defensive guy like Tyrone Crawford, he had a nice move, but he didn't finish. So I felt compelled, like hey, man, let me at least say something to him,and help him from the offensive standpoint view of how do you finish this?"Cowboys Defensive End Tyrone Crawford says: "I just met Nate a couple of months back actually. I mean, I'm going to listen to him, I know him, and I know who he is, so, I'm going to take any advice I can get from him and I'm going to use it, I'm definitely going to use it."More family atmosphere in Oxnard, as Tony Romo's family there to greet the Cowboys QB as he comes off the field. You'll remember yesterday he said after back surgery he missed not being able to pick up his kids, no such problem today with oldest son Hawkins. Romo earlier gave his youngest son Rivers a high-five in between plays..Owner Jerry Jones, absent from practice, flew up to Canton Ohio to try and lobby for former Cowboys DE Charles Haley's inclusion into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame, just another instance of family taking care of family.
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