Gold medalist speaks to McAllen Swim Club

The McAllen Swim Club welcomed an olympic gold medalist over the weekend.

Garrett Weber-Gale competed and won last year in Beijing.

He was at McAllen's Nikki Rowe High School over the weekend to talk to students on how to eat healthier and stay in shape while training.

McAllen Swim Club Coach Roxanne Balcucci said the visit helped motivate students and get them ready for the new season.

"How often do you get to swim with an olympian," Balucci asked. "It's a perfect opportunity for them to hear him talk abou his story and help motivate them."

Weber-Gale spoke to Action 4 News during the visit.

He said training helps children valuable life lessons.

"What I've learned through swimming applies to school, applies to being succesful in life...working hard and sacrificing and finding things that you love and following your dream really can pay off in anything," he said.