Harlingen 7-year-old plays football with only one hand

A quarterback depends on his center to hike him the ball.

He depends on his center to keep him from getting tackled.

Pee wee football player Tommy Rivera does it all.

He does it with just one hand.

"I can do anything with it, said seven-year-old Tommy Rivera.

Tommy plays center for the Bulldogs, a pee wee football team in Harlingen.

Despite having just one hand, Tommy is a terror on the football field.

"He's one of our best players, said Coach Carlos Rivera. He's always hustling. He's always trying his best."

At two-years-old, Tommy was adopted from China.

Doctors had no explanation for why Tommy only had one hand.

They told his parents he was born that way.

"He uses his little hand all the time for everything, said Tommy TMs mom, Diane Nichols.

Little hand is the name she and Tommy gave to the spot where Tommy TMs other hand should be.

He swings on a swing, and he just has his hand there like the other kids, said Nichols. Just like the other kids.

Tommy is an ambitious kid.

He practices kung fu, soccer and baseball.

His biggest goal is one day play for the Harlingen High School Cardinals.

Tommy's coach said Tommy should have no problem making the team.

"With one hand he can do it, said Coach Rivera. You know he can block after he hikes the ball, and you know he's real good.

Tommy tackles any doubt people may have about him.

His dreams are big.

Yet he says he can do anything with what he calls his little hand.

Tommy's mom said she hopes his story will encourage folks to adopt children with special needs.

She said given the opportunity to succeed, special needs children can surprise you with all they can do