Invincible Isaiah: Paralyzed quarterback says he will walk again

Isaiah Garza

Just a few weeks shy of starting his senior year in high school, 17-year-old Isaiah Garza flipped his truck after overcorrecting when getting off the expressway in Mercedes.

"I just remember exiting and then waking up at the hospital that's it."

He sustained an injury no one could have imagined.

"I messed up my C5 and C6 in my neck."

It sidelined the star quarterback for the Mercedes Tigers and doctors had to fuse his spine to save him from being paralyzed.

It's been two months of recovery and the feeling in his lower body is still not there, but there are signs of improvement.

"I'm getting my arm movement back, but right now I don't have any movement from my chest down but hopefully it comes back."

He says hopefully, but Isaiah lets us in on a little secret, he is sure he will walk again.

"Yeah, I see myself walking again."

What is getting him through this ordeal?

His family.

He has enough feeling back in his right arm and hand to hold a stylus to text and tweet.

Garza has received support from complete strangers online who heard his story, his little sister has done a good job of getting the word out on social media about his progress and continually asks for prayers.

Isaiah says it's all working in his favor.

"There's some days where I'm down but my family is there to pick me up so they really help me out."

And the Tigers football team is showing their support for the QB every time they get on the field.

"It felt good and then coach got a rock and that says my name on it so all the players touch it when they walk out."

Isaiah won't be walking onto a football or baseball field, or basketball court this season, but he's confident he will someday.

"Sometimes I would dream that I was walking and I would wake up and realize that I can't, but it's gonna come soon."

His passenger Lisa Ramirez was released from the hospital and is in good condition.

Isaiah will be homeschooled next week and says he wants to graduate with his class next Spring.

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