KGBT to air Dallas Cowboys instead of Houston Texans game

CBS stations across the Lone Star State are having to make a tough decision: whether to show the Dallas Cowboys game or the Houston Texans game.

Both NFL teams are playing at noon on CBS Sports on Sunday prompting TV stations to make a choice.

The Dallas Cowboys are taking on the Cleveland Browns while the Texans are facing the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Rio Grande Valley's KGBT-TV is joining 15 other CBS affiliates in Texas who are showing the Cowboys game.

Only CBS affiliates in Houston, Beaumont, Bryan and Victoria are showing the Texans game.

KGBT-TV has aired six Houston Texans games so far this season and is expected to air four more.

Only two Cowboys games are being show on CBS Sports this year: the one against the Cleveland Browns this Sunday and a Cowboys vs Steelers game on December 16th.

Sunday's Dallas Cowboys game is expected to be a straight feed that will not be changed regardless of the outcome.

Texans fans can watch the game DirectTV's Sunday Ticket or any local sports bar.

Houston Texans fans protested outside the KGBT-TV studios in Harlingen following a similar decision last year.

KGBT-TV CEO Tom Keeler issued the following statement about the decision to air the Dallas Cowboys game on Sunday:

"We serve two respective fan bases in the RGV: The Texans and The Cowboys. When the event occurs that we can broadcast a Cowboys game, we choose to do so to be respective to both fan bases."

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