McAllen promoter takes boxing champ Manny Pacquiao to court

It was supposed to be a knock out performance, but instead it may have cost a local boxing promoter his reputation.

Edmundo Lozano, president of Imperial Ed Promotions is taking boxing champion Manny Pacquiao to court.

Lozano says Pacquiao cost him over several thousand dollars when he failed to make with a scheduled appearance in McAllen, but Pacquiao's camp says that's not the case.

World renowned boxer Manny Pacquiao has been called this generation's Muhammad Ali, and Imperial Ed Promotions was eager to bring him to the Rio Grande Valley.

After signing a contract with The Pacman to be the special guest at the Mexican Bicentennial boxing match September 18 in Hidalgo.

Lozano says he promoted the big event heavily, selling tickets to fans as far away as Monterrey, Mexico .

"The people--the fans were buying tickets in the arena," said Lozano. "The more expensive tickets as well."

According to court documents, Imperial Ed Promotions paid Pacquiao$100,000 dollars in advance, and he was scheduled to get $100,000 by September 3rd.

The same day he had a press conference about his November fight with boxer Antonio Margarito.

That's when Lozano said he began to suspect that Pacquiao wasn't coming to the Valley.

"When I saw Manny September 3rd, he said he didn TMt remember anything or didn TMt know what's going on," says Lozano.

Later that month, just a week before the match, Lozano says he got a call saying that Pacquiao wasn't coming to the Valley.

"We signed an agreement with Mr. Pacquiao," says Lozano.

Lozano says he's out more than $300,000 dollars, and he's still struggling to pay back customers and investors, but what hurt the most is what it did to his reputation.

"No money. I'm not talking about money. I'm talking about the reputation. I'm talking about feelings. I'm talking about credibility," says Lozano.

And now he wants Pacquiao to pay him back.

He's suing him for breach of contract for a total of 1 million 180 thousand dollars.

Lozano says Pacquiao's fans should get an apology or some kind of feedback from Pacquiao as to why he cancelled his appearance.

Pacquiao's lead attorney tells Action 4 News that his client didn't breach the contract, Lozano did by not paying the $100,000 dollars by September 3rd.

Lozano replies that he had a good reason for not doing so and that Pacquiao knows the reason.

The pretrial hearing for this case is in February.