NFL players visit Valley students to promote healthy living

Chris Horton, Safety for the Washington Redskins.

Students in San Benito got a surprise visit on Friday by pro athletes, all in an effort to promote healthy living.

The crowd was roaring, students were dancing and boys were cheering?

The powder puff pep rally and flag football game at Miller Jordan Middle School.

An event so good, that NFL football players showed up to the middle school to promote the Fuel to Play 360 program, which promotes healthy eating habits and exercise for kids.

Chris Horton, a Safety for the Washington Redskins, visited the school two years ago to promote the program, and is thrilled to be back.

"I was here last time also, Horton said. So it's like a homecoming for me. There's something about this school, through the program, it allows us to come out and do this for the kids."

Horton also brought along with him his friend and fellow NFL football player Maurice Jones-Drew, Linebacker for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Even though Jones-drew is recovering from foot surgery, it didn't stop him from traveling to the valley to motivate these kids.

"I TMve been very excited. We've planned this even before I had the surgery, Jones-Drew said. It was kind of inconvenient to have it, but I wanted to come out and support obviously my friend Chris Horton, and the community here in San Benito, and obviously Miller Jordan. So it's very exciting."

The students were also excited to have the players at their school.

They said fuel to play 360 motivates them to live, play and be healthy.

"I think it's good for people to stay active and play for 15 minutes a day," student Savannah Garcia said.

"It's important to eat healthy so you can have a healthier body, student Sheila Avila said.