RGV Killer Bees join 'Movember' to fight prostate cancer

There TMs something different about the Killer Bees these days, and it TMs not the snazzy new uniforms. Members of the team have taken to growing an old-fashioned mustache for a good cause.

We TMre just trying to bring some awareness to men TMs cancer. You hear a lot about women, so as hockey players we TMre just trying to do it [for men], said Bees forward Zac Pearson.

All the guys grow out their mustaches. It TMs something funny, and I TMve been blessed I can grow a decent one, added defenseman Tim Billingsley.

It TMs a movement called Movember, which raises awareness and money to fight prostate cancer and men TMs health issues in the same way that football players wear pink throughout the month of October.

Kyle Radke sports one of the better ~staches on the team. I like getting into it. It TMs for a good cause, so we do what we can.

And it TMs not just the Killer Bees. Movember is a movement throughout hockey, and some have found creative ways to spread the mustachioed movement. Anaheim Ducks goalie Jonas Hiller has a special edition mask with pictures of all of his teammates sporting a ~stache. The Killer Bees hope continuing to have fun with their own facial hair flare will pay off in the fight against prostate cancer.

You got some guys that can TMt really grow them, but the effort TMs there so you have to respect the heck out of that, adds Radke. It brings out the color of the locker room. Fans just get to see us in our uniforms, everyone looks the same, but everyone TMs got a different heartbeat and everyone TMs a different cat in the locker room, so it TMs fun.

To join the Killer Bees in the cause, you can of course grow out your mustache, and go to