Student involved in fan fight with Donna football player kicked out of school

Travis Trevino's plans to get the equivalent of a high school diploma have been derailed at the Donna ISD.

"I was told that I had to be un-enrolled from the school... That there was no more classes for me... And today I was supposed to start a college class," he said.

The 21-year-old says he was kicked out of the 3D Academy, a second chance program for the 2008 high school dropout.

"Over this time I realized that without an education you will not be anyone in this life... You will not succeed... Flipping burgers ain't gonna make it for a family," Travis said.

It all went south for him the night of October 14th.

He was the fan who allegedly assaulted a teenage Donna Redskins football player following the team's decisive home loss to McAllen.

Travis says it was just an innocent question that spawned the fight outside Donna High School after the game.

He was a passenger in a vehicle with a female and child, when he asked a group of football players this question:

"I simply asked, 'What happened at the game guys, TM he explained. And I don't know if he took it the wrong way or what... But he comes to me opens my door... And starts pushing me... He starts pushing me... And telling me... 'You're just a f**king fan'... Excuse my language... But he tells me just like that... At that point I felt threatened... And I needed to defend myself," Travis explained.

The ex-Donna student says he punched the player in question once in the face and then left as players started throwing helmets at the vehicle he was in.

"I should have avoided it... He pushed me and I should have just walked away... The bigger man walks away ... I just saw the need to defend myself," he said.

Since the fight, Travis feels vilified by the community and unfairly punished by academy's principal.

People are calling me all kinds of names.

He hopes by speaking out on the truth he can get his life back on track.

Superintendent Roberto Loredo said the action taken against Travis was the direct result of his lack of cooperation in the assault investigation by campus police.

Roberto says neither Travis nor his attorney have spoken to investigators.

Once the fight investigation is completed, disciplinary action could result for both the fan and player in question, according to the superintendent.

Travis may be allowed to return to the academy if he cooperates with the investigation and it's found that he did not violate school policy.